dr Patryk Jaki


PhD in Safety Sciences.

Academic teacher. University of Criminology and co-worker of the University of Opole.

Graduated the University in Wrocław. Next, completed IESE post-graduate studies in Barcelona including State School of Public Administration as well as trainings at Sam Houston State University in USA. 

Member of the European Parliament.

During elections to the European Parliament gained almost 260 thousand votes. This is the best result not from the first place on the list in the history of Polish Republic.

Presently in the European Parliament – member of the Civic Freedom, Justice and Interior Committee. Reporter of the regulation concerning fighting with terrorism on the area of the European Union and vice-chairman of the European and Eastern Countries Parliament Assembly. 

Earlier, the first deputy of the Ministry of Justice. For almost 4 years responsible for the Polish Penitentiary System.

Chairman of teams for Polish Prison System Reform and Executive Penal Code.

Author of the reform of Polish Penitentiary System and the first act on modernization of prison service after 1989 as well as the program „Work for the Prisoners”, which introduced 50 % increase in employment of the convicted. Moreover, founder of Polish Institute of Criminology and Academy for Criminology and Penitentiary Study.

Ex-Chairman of Polish Penitentiary Council and Main Council for Social Re-adaptation and Helping the Convicts.

Polish Parliament Deputy for VII and VIII term. 

Founder of Museum of Doomed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of People’s Republic of Poland.

Author of Pedophile’s Register.  Author of execution reform in Poland.

Ex-Chairman of Verification Committee. Earlier association of „Stop Corruption”. Awarded with „Polish Compass” prize provided by „Gazeta Bankowa” for „fighting with reprivatization mob”.

Provided with 10th place at the prestigious list of 50 most influential Poles by the weekly magazine Wprost.

Received the title of the „Person of the Year” in Opole region for being effective at attracting investments to the region. He was a member of a local government.

Councilor of Opole region during V and VI term. Chairman of PiS Club as well as Audit Committee. 

Born in Opole. Family comes from Polish recent Eastern Territories. Has got wife Anna and son Radek.

Author of science publications 

1.The Prison Service in the Context of Jurisdiction of a Legal Protection Authority  – „Law in Action” no 1/2019

  1. Employment of prisoners in Poland in comparative view. Chosen issues. – Przegląd Więziennictwa [Review of Prison System] No 95 Warsaw 2017

Author of PhD thesis and the book entitled „Prison Service in Safety System of the Polish Republic” 

Author of the following actions: „Save the heroes” defending the street named after general August Fieldorf „Nil” or Zygmunt Szendzielarz „Łupaszka” as well as legislation initiative „Let’s restore history lessons at schools”

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